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Moonlight Quilter of the Month

At each Business Meeting we are treated to the visual delights of one of our members.


If you have not shared your quilt journey in the past 3 years, please look around your home.


It's very likely you have 10 quilts or completed tops to share, even if you've had them in a show recently or brought them to Show and Tell.  We have enough newer members (and some of us with shorter memories) that they will all seem new again.

Here is what we need from you to participate...

  • Choose no more than 12 quilts or tops that show various styles you have created.

  • Write or dictate a short biography for the Newsletter to be submitted by the 15th of the month BEFORE you are the Moonlight Quilter of the Month.  

  • Do NOT use your entire “speech” when presenting, just tell something interesting that started you quilting.

  • Show off your quilts (just like Show and Tell). The coordinator is willing to assist with this part!

So, how do you get to be the Moonlight Quilter of the Month?   Just check with the Quilter of the Month Coordinator, she will be looking forward to hearing from you!

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