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Medallion Quilts

Medallion Quilts are an annual guild activity.  A medallion quilt is one that several people build by adding borders of a specific dimension to a center sewn by one person.  Extra fabric is added to the medallion bag as each person contributes a border.

Some of the Medallion Quilts are traditional center block type quilts.  Others are miniatures, and others are "row medallions" where each participant adds one row rather than a concentric border.

New centers are displayed at the October Business Meeting.  At that time, any member may sign up to participate.  Completed medallions are displayed the following September at the Installation Potluck at which time a drawing for the quilt tops and remaining fabric is held among the members who worked on each top.  One person's name is drawn from all those who participated, and that lucky member wins the quilt top.

2023-24 Due Dates

Round 2 - Dec 6, 2023
Round 3 - Feb 7, 2024
Round 4 - May 1, 2024
Round 5 - Aug 21, 2024

Here are more specific rules for participation


All members wishing to start a medallion center should contact the Medallion Coordinator(s) no later than the August Business Meeting.


Centers must be submitted no later than the September Business Meeting.


For a traditional center block type quilt, the center must be at least 12”, but not greater than 20”, in both directions (i.e., at least 12” high and at least 12” wide and no more than 20” high and no more than 20” wide).  It may be rectangular or square with both the width and/or height no smaller than 12" and no more than 20".

Row medallions must begin with a horizontal row height between 6" and 9-1/2" and a width of approximately 40".  Only a row above or below the original row can be added.  Fabric cannot be added to the sides of row medallions.

If you wish to create a miniature medallion, please contact the Medallion Coordinators for more information.

Sign Ups

Medallion centers will be on display before the October Business meeting.  Members may sign up to work on a Medallion at the break and after the meeting.  We ask that each member sign up for only one Round 2 in order to provide others with an opportunity to complete a Round 2.

You may, and we hope you do, sign up for other Rounds (3, 4, and 5) on different medallions.

If there are openings for rounds after the first business meeting, we will ask for more volunteers at following meetings.


The Medallion Coordinator keeps a record of all the people who have signed up to work on each medallion.  Each person who signs up should note for herself/himself the date by which they should receive each medallion for which they have signed up.  Each person has approximately two months to complete her/his round.  More time is allowed for the later (larger) rounds.

Additional Guidelines

1.  The first member has made the center.  At least 1/2 yard of the fabric used in the center (minimum 1/4 yard of any one fabric) will be included in the bag.  The center will be passed on to the second member on the list.  

2.  Every quilter should ensure that the medallion they are returning lies flat and is squared before passing it on to the next quilter.

3.  Members completing successive rounds will add a border of 2" - 5".  Each added border must be either pieced or appliquéd or both.  It must contain some of the fabric passed on by the previous member(s).  Each successive member will pass on some of the fabric from the previous member(s) and will add to the bag an additional 1/2 yard total of fabric (minimum of 1/4 yard of any one fabric) that was used in her/his round.


4.  After each round, the bag is returned to the Coordinator to be passed on to the next member working on the Medallion.

5.  When you have completed your round, please check the appropriate box on the sign-up sheet in the bag.


6.  Should you be unable to complete your round, please cross your name off the list and return the bag to the Medallion Coordinator as soon as possible.

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