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Friendship Blocks

There is a rich history of friendship quilts in the United States.  In the past, friendship quilts were made by several people as a gift for brides-to-be or other significant individuals/friends.  Currently, our program is designed so that one member chooses a block pattern that is distributed to many others to construct.  The completed blocks are returned to the designer who then completes the quilt.

How do I become eligible to hand out block kits to others?

You must earn Friendship Block Credits in advance to equal the number of Blocks you would like to have made for you, up to 20. Do this by completing another member’s Friendship Block Kit, a Community Quilt, Bag-A-Long©, Cat or Dog Cuddle.  You must do the work on these items yourself.  Remember to fill out a Credit Slip with the Friendship Block Chair.


Note: You may only prepare Block Kits equal to the number of Friendship Block Credits that you have already earned, up to 20. For example: If you have 15 credits earned, you may only hand out 15 Block Kits. If you have 30 Credits earned, you may only hand out 20 Block Kits.

How do I know who has a Friendship Block ready to be made?

The Friendship Block Board is on display at Business Meetings.  Blocks available are displayed on the Board and Block Kits may be signed out thru the Friendship Block Chair.

I took a Block Kit to make for someone.  Now what?

The Block should be completed and returned to the Friendship Block Chair, not the person for whom you made the Block, at the next Business Meeting or within 60 days, unless you make prior arrangements.  Be sure to measure your Block before you return it to be sure it is the size specified in the Friendship Block Kit Instructions.  Remember to fill out a Credit Slip with the Friendship Block Chair.

I am eligible to hand out blocks!  Now what?

Once eligible, you may prepare up to 20 Block Kits of your choice to be made for you.  See the Friendship Block Chair to receive the Friendship Block Kit Instructions Sheet.  When you have your Block Kits ready, give them to the Friendship Block Chair who will announce to the MQSC Membership that your Block Kits are ready for sign out.  The Block Kits, Sign Out Sheet and Completed Blocks will be maintained by the Friendship Block Chair.  When all your Blocks have been completed, the Friendship Block Chair will present them to you along with a completed copy of the Sign Out Sheet.

We hope you will enjoy this Program. It provides a great opportunity to get to know other Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County.

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