The Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County host “Program Meetings” once a month, alternating with the Business Meetings.  But don’t let the name "Business" fool you.  We have fun at Business Meetings too!

Program Meetings often provide a special presentation by an invited speaker.  Our speakers are nationally and internationally known quilters so we plan the schedule years in advance.  There is a guest fee of $5 for Program Meetings with speakers.

Check the current Newsletter for Program Meeting details.

Previous Speakers & Workshops

Upcoming Programs


September 16 - Julia McLeod of Silk and Salvage via Zoom     (about Julia McLeod and Silk and Salvage)

Lecture:  Silk and Salvage:  New Quilts from Rescued Materials

"A bit of history, a bit of inspiration, & a bit of step-by-step Show & Tell…  We’ve been making quilts from Silk and from Salvaged materials for quite some time now, and the end is definitely NOT in sight!  Come see a variety of quilts that Sue Fox and Julia McLeod have been making, along with the themes and techniques we have been exploring, each in our own individual styles."


September 19 -  Julia McLeod of Silk and Salvage via Zoom

Workshop:  Basics of Working with Silks in Quilts       Supply List

Silk may be one of the most beautiful materials, but it can also be one of the most

challenging to work with!  They say that “knowledge is power” and for the quilt-maker

who wants to work with silk, knowledge is also the key that opens the door to freedom

and creativity.


Over the years, through the trial and error of making dozens of silk quilts, I have

learned many strategies, tricks and techniques that will enable you to enjoy the

process of working with silk. There will be lots of samples and examples for you to

study, and I'll share simple exercises that will give you confidence to continue working

on your own.

The day will start with examining your silk fabric stash. Many of us have silk treasures

from trips abroad, silk neckties or prom dresses too special to cut up so we leave them

tucked away in a drawer or suitcase. Bring these special pieces to show the group –

they often come with great stories!

Are they really silk? We'll examine ways to determine fiber content, including

the burn test.

Julia will then demonstrate two ways to work with silk. First, a very free, improvisational

crazy-piecing technique and second a foundation piecing method that gives

ultra-precise results.

Working with your stash, you’ll construct “art parts” that can be incorporated into

either small or larger projects. The goal is for you to end with a game plan for how

you will develop your lovely art parts into a finished piece.

October 21 - Cathy Perlmutter via Zoom        About Cathy

Lecture:  A Quilter's Life

October 24 - Cathy Perlmutter via Zoom

Workshop:  Improv Paper Pieced Triangles     Class Description


November 18 - Jean Smith via Zoom

Lecture:  My Quilt Journey and How to Quilt in a 1000 square foot house



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