The Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County host “Program Meetings” once a month, alternating with the Business Meetings.  But don’t let the name "Business" fool you.  We have fun at Business Meetings too!

Program Meetings often provide a special presentation by an invited speaker.  Our speakers are nationally and internationally known quilters so we plan the schedule years in advance.  There is a guest fee of $5 for Program Meetings with speakers.

Check the current Newsletter for Program Meeting details.

Previous Speakers & Workshops

Upcoming Programs - Online via Zoom until further notice

July 21 Lecture - Material Girlfriends - Quilter's Color Therapy - The Psychology of Color

Color plays an important role in our lives. The colors we choose when creating a quilt, speaks more of our state of mind than we realize. A quilter’s stash can represent years of color therapy! Enjoy twin sisters, Lora Zmak and Lisa Norton of, as they explain what color psychology is and share the meanings for the most popular colors. Be delighted with their trunk show as the sisters share color therapy examples.

July 24 Workshop - Material Girlfriends - New York Beauty  -  Supply List

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