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The second meeting of each month typically includes a lecture or demonstration by an accomplished quilt teacher.  There is a guest fee of $5 for Program Meetings with speakers.

To register for an upcoming workshop, send email to

Upcoming Programs

February 15 Lecture via Zoom - Julia Graves - My Quilting Journey
A reflection of Julia's highs, her lows, and her many lessons learned during 20+ years as a quilter, accompanied by a trunk/slide show of her quilts

February 18 Workshop via Zoom - Julia Graves - Amazing Abstractions
This workshop is based on techniques pioneered by Ursula Kern.  Examples of this technique have the look of improvisational piecing and many look curvy, but the designs are pre-planned, drawn out, and pieced entirely with straight-line sewing on fabric foundation.  Click HERE for Supply List and more examples of Amazing Abstract quilts.


Mar 15 Lecture in person - MacMcNamara - Why I Make Quilts

Mar 19 Workshop in person - MacMcNamara - Making Fabric with Mac

Apr 19 in person - 5 Members of SRQG each bring 5 quilts to share - A reciprocal event

May 17 Lecture via zoom - Tammy Silvers - Interrogating Your Quilt

May 20 Workshop via Zoom - Tammy Silvers - Faux Curved Piecing


Jun 21 Lecture in person - Nancy Brown - My Animal Quilts
Jun 25 Workshop in person - Nancy Brown - Hand Appliqué the Brown Way (Hand Work)

Aug 16 in person Community Quilt Giveaway


Sep 20 Lecture via zoom - Maria Shell - Patchwork to Artwork - Journey of an Alaskan Quilt Maker

Sep 23 Workshop via zoom - Maria Shell - Improv Triangles - Perfectly Pointless


Oct 18 Lecture in person - Julie Silber - Mark My Words - Textiles and Text

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