Vice President's Challenge

The Moonlight Quilters annual Challenge Quilt theme is developed by the current Vice President and approved by the Board of Directors.


The theme, rules, parameters and any supplies are typically introduced at the beginning of the year and the completed quilts are usually revealed at the August business meeting.


This is an optional activity for all members.


Those who participate are encouraged to display their Challenge Quilts in our annual Wine Country Quilt Show the following June.

2018 VP Challenge

The following members participated in the “Outside the Box” challenge:


  • Deana Abramowitz (hand applique)

  • Kathy Leake (Kaffe with curves)

  • Gina Stateler-Calhoun (hand embroidery on mobile)

  • Sarah Whiton (small thing)

  • Dolores McCann (bag)

  • Dena Harding (modern flying geese)

  • Saraj Cory (flying geese)

  • Deb Cesaretti (red)

  • Nancy Samples (pink and pastel)

  • Alys Hay (pink table runner)

  • Karen Mansergh (UFO from workshop)

  • Marie Savano (double-sided wedding quilt)

  • Trina Jahnsen (Nancy Brown hand applique)

  • Karen Bolan (hand binding on large quilt)

2019 VP Challenge

The following members participated in the "What Gives You Joy" challenge:

  • Donna Huckaby - Color!

  • Norma Jean Edwards - Teaching my friend to quilt

  • Denise Ragozzino - Cats!

  • Deb Gomes - En Provence

  • Saraj Cory - Japan Quilt & Placemats

  • Dolores McCann - Music!

  • Francis Ramirez - Baby Quilt

  • Gina Stateler-Calhoun - Strippy Square with Clocks

  • Trina Jahnsen - Giving

  • Karen Bolan - Teaching & collaboration with Ann Jahnsen

  • Donna Cambra - playing picollo flute in Healdsburg Community Band, grandkids, my stash!

  • Karen Derrick - postcard size dogs

Saraj Cory's first flying geese

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