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Vice President's Challenge

The Moonlight Quilters annual Challenge Quilt theme is developed by the current Vice President and approved by the Board of Directors.


The theme, rules, parameters and any supplies are typically introduced at the beginning of the year and the completed quilts are usually revealed at the August business meeting.


This is an optional activity for all members.


Those who participate are encouraged to display their Challenge Quilts in our annual Wine Country Quilt Show the following June.

2023 VP Challenge


Due Weds, August 16, 2023


2023 Challenge Rules:

  1. Must include the color blue in the quilt somewhere, any amount.

  2. Can be a traditional, modern or art quilt.

  3. Must be a quilted object, any size, from mug rug to lap quilt.

  4. The theme water (or lack of) should be noticeable in the quilt.

  5. As always, a moon needs to show somewhere on the front of quilt.

It seems as if the last few years our lives have been ruled by water.  Either we have not enough or too much. We are asked to conserve then we have record breaking rainstorms and it still isn’t enough.  Our water situation is real and will continue to be a major factor in our lives.

This year’s challenge is to use the theme water and create a quilt that incorporates what this means to you.  Some of the words we hear about water are climate change, drought, atmospheric river, dams, lakes, rivers, health, hygiene, survival.

There are many traditional and modern quilts that use water as a theme, such as sea glass quilts, ocean waves, beach art quilts, Mill wheel, and storm at sea and so many more.  All revolve around the same theme of water.  

I’m hoping this will spark an interest and get those creative minds flowing.

I would like to display our quilts at the November boutique and those that would like to put them up  for sale will have that opportunity.


The due date for the quilts will be at our program meeting on Weds, August 16, 2023.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or call at 707-849-2441.

Thank you!

Kathy Vedder

The Vice President’s challenge is here!! Last year we worked on several challenges that included both UFO and Vice President challenges. This year I’ve combined the two into one project that will go until June of 2024.

We need lots of participation to make this work! This is a new type of challenge that’s meant to take time and thought and a little ingenuity on your part.

Click here to read all about it and contact me at with questions.

Check it out and enjoy the CHALLENGE!!

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