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Fabric Exchange

Each month at the Business Meeting the Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County have a Fabric Exchange.


Currently, we are exchanging Fat Quarters.  A Fat Quarter is a piece of cotton fabric that measures 18" x 22".  A half yard counts as two Fat Quarters!

Here is how to participate and possibly win all the Fat Quarters turned in that evening:

  • Check below or in the latest Newsletter for the fabric theme of the month

  • Bring one or more Fat Quarters matching the month’s theme to the Business Meeting

  • Place it/them in the basket

  • Take one ticket for each Fat Quarter brought in

  • A half yard equals two fat quarters and therefore merits two tickets

  • Put your name on the ticket/s

  • Place the ticket/s into the can

After the break in the meeting, the winning ticket will be drawn!   AND when you WIN, you can go to the library and get a book on fat quarter quilts!      Good Luck!

Helpful Hint

Check the list of upcoming Fabric Themes, then pull your Fat Quarters right away and put them in the tote or bag that you bring to meetings.  This way you will never forget them!

Upcoming Themes 2023-2024

April-" National Look Up at the Sky Day." We'd like you to bring in cloud, sky or blue fat quarters.

May-"National Grape Popsicle Day." You guess it! Bring in purple fat quarters for this month.

June-"National Eat Your Vegetables Day." Search for some fun fat quarters that feature Vegetable prints for the frenzy this month!

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