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Item #1 on your list is due by Feb 1st

Item #4 on your list is due by March 1st

The Great 2022/23 Moonlight Quilters UFO Challenge!

This year's challenge is to finish 5 projects over the next 10 months.  Not too tough, right?

Look at your unfinished projects and pick 5 that you feel you could use an extra nudge to complete.


PRINT THIS SHEET for an outline of the Challenge and to describe each of your projects on the five lines provided.


Your projects can be as big or small as you like. They should be quilt related, but I’ll let you define that. 


Some suggestions of UFOs:

  • The binding that was never sewn down

  • The medallion you won, but is still in the bag in the closet

  • The stacks of fabric that you plan on going through and purging for the fabric sale

  • The orphan blocks that you’ve planned on making into a quilt top

  • The holiday wall hanging that saw the holiday come and go, again, and is still waiting to be completed.

    These are just a few of mine!  

Starting with the November program meeting, we will randomly draw a number between 1 and 5 and that will be your first project!


Your project will need to be completed by the January business meeting, when a second number will be chosen.  That project will be due by the March meeting, and so forth, with the last project due at our September meeting.


You have approximately 2 months to complete each UFO (except the first one, which is 6 weeks), Due dates and reminders will be eblasted during the year.

This challenge is on the honor system, but, if you feel you need that extra push, find a partner and exchange papers.  Maybe your mini group can add it to their monthly meetings.


Think of this challenge as an opportunity, not a punishment for all those unfinished projects.  I will be posting completed projects to our webpage and Facebook/Instagram to add inspiration and creativity during the challenge from participants.


Zoomies! This challenge is for you too!  You may not be able to attend in person, but we want to see those completed UFOs.

The best part! There will be a prize at the end of the challenge.  For those who finish all 5 projects in the allotted time, your name will go into a drawing for a prize.

This is your challenge, make the most of it and most importantly, enjoy the process! If you have questions, please e mail me at

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