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Position Descriptions

Primary Duties

primary duties

Additional Duties

additional duties

Definition of common terms used in Position Descriptions

Binder means the binder or folder created for each position that contains a detailed description of the duties and obligations of that position.

Board Meeting means the meetings of the Board which are held quarterly in September, December, March, and June, or more frequently as needed. The September meeting is held the Monday following the Installation and the June meeting is generally scheduled for the 2nd Monday following the quilt show.

Board of Directors/Board means the Executive Officers plus all of the Chair positions in MQSC.

Business Meeting means the meeting held on the first Wednesday of the month; provided that there is no Business meeting in July and the Business meeting in August is held on the third Wednesday.

Executive Officers means the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of MQSC.

Installation means the installation of Executive Officers, Chairpeople, and Coordinators which takes place during a potluck dinner in September.

MQSC means Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County.

Program Meeting means the meeting held on the third Wednesday of the month; provided that the Program meeting in July is held on the third Wednesday and there is no Program meeting in August or December. Depending on when Thanksgiving falls, there may or may not be a Program meeting in November.

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