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Member Login Page

A login is required to sign up for classes.  If you are already logged in, your name will show at the top right and you are ready to sign up for classes.

If you are not logged in, click the blue Login icon at the top right.  The following Log In screen will appear:


Being a member of the guild DOES NOT automatically make you a member of the website.  You MUST register first! 

If you are already registered, enter your email and password and click the blue Log In box.  You may now sign up for classes.

If you have not registered yet, click the blue "Sign Up" link to the right of "New to this site?"


The following Sign Up screen will appear:


On the Sign Up form, fill in your email address as listed on the membership roster and enter a password of your choice. 

NOTE:  You MUST use the email address listed on the membership roster.  If you've changed your email, ask Membership to update it BEFORE you try to register.


Then click the blue Sign Up box.


You will be notified via email once the administrator has approved your signup request, usually within 24 hours, assuming you are a member in good standing.

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