This page connects you to an "experimental" site that was built to test the feasibility of a "store" to fill in for the April fundraiser that had to be cancelled because of Covid.  I've been told that we have a storage locker full of the donations that were supposed to be sold at the fundraiser.  This is a way for us to clear out the locker and make some money.  The main point we want to make is that we can use our website for a lot more that just displaying text and images.  Take a look and see what you think.  Pictures and descriptions were lifted from the auction as examples.

This link will open the store in a new page so you can switch back and forth between tabs if you want to read the details as you surf the store.  Enjoy!

The Proposal

Since last April’s fundraiser was cancelled, it is my understanding that we have a storage unit filled with items that we were not able to sell.  My proposal is that we set up a “store” on the website to sell these items.  I’ve put together a prototype store.  You’ll recognize some of the items from the recent auction.  This is just to give you an idea of what it might look like. 


When you select an item, it gives you a larger photo and description.  You can add it to your shopping cart and repeat the process to your shopping delight, just like Amazon. When you do, your current cart will appear.  When you are done shopping, hit view cart which will bring up a payment screen. We need to upgrade the account to make online payments thru our Square account.  It would be a direct credit card payment and shouldn’t require invoicing through Michelle.  

Some features:

  • Sorting (newest, price, alpha)

  • Filtering (see just the category you want e.g. fabric, notions, books, yarn, etc)

  • As many photos as needed

  • additional photos seen with mouse hover or from individual product page

  • Can have multiple shipping methods including local pick-up (if we use priority mail or flat rate boxes, they are free from the PO.  We can set how many items can go in a box before it charges additional shipping.

  • Sales tax can be calculated in the cart if needed.  I just need to put in the percentage.

  • Since we usually had "visitors" on the sale night, this allows a wider audience to the sale.

  • We can add items in batches.  We don't need to put everything up at once.

  • New items can be flagged to make them more visible. Sale items can also be flagged.

  • When something has been in the store a while, it can be "marked down" by a fixed amount or a percentage (like we do at the April sale)

  • This is not an auction. All purchases are immediate. It will generate an invoice and a "shipping list" that we can use to gather the cart contents for the purchaser to pick-up.

  • If someone leaves stuff in a cart, it will send a "gentle reminder" by email if we choose to have buyers login. I didn't implement that part, but it is possible.

I’m thinking in terms of bundling groups of coordinating fabrics and pricing them by weight like we normally do.  Most of the auction items went for >$50 which is beyond some members’ budgets.  It’s also an immediate purchase. Some people may prefer this model.  It’s kind of like Legacy online. 

This will require a team of people to put this all together.  Most of the tasks are not technical. 

We would need people to:

  • select fabrics for bundles. fabrics that coordinate by color, theme, etc.

  • if a fabric is a large amount, maybe it could be a single item (e.g. 3 yards of flannel)

  • items should be grouped according to what makes sense

  • Items will need to be photographed and the photos post-processed for size so they don't take too long to load (~500k per photo)

  • Items need a written description

  • Items need to be priced

  • When sales are made, the shipping list needs to be printed, the items for the list gathered and made ready for pickup/delivery/shipping.

  • Pickup/delivery/shipping takes place.

We could potentially create a “Boutique” to offer items made by members and are normally sold at the quilt show.  So there are lots of possibilities.

This is intended to open the discussion of what's possible.  Nothing has been decided.